iPhone Monitoring Without Jailbreaking


iPhone Monitoring Without Jailbreaking

It’s not new to find parents looking for ways to monitor their underage kids’ phone activities. Neither is it strange to see partners or employers exploring options for tracking their spouse’s or workers’ mobile activities. However, when your kids, spouse or employees are using iPhones, keeping an eye on their phone actions gets even harder.

Due to Apple’s strict privacy measures and “walled garden” design, several people believe it’s almost impossible to monitor an iPhone’s activities. Most monitoring solutions out there require iPhone jailbreaking before they can work. So an everyday parent, partner, or employer is left wondering if there is any way to monitor the iPhone without jailbreaking.

If you are one of those people, you’re in luck! Below, I’ll teach you exactly how you can use a spy app for iPhone without jailbreak. What’s more, you’ll learn how to monitor an iPhone’s activities without even touching it.

I’ll also give you a few tips to help you choose the best iPhone spy software. So, let me not keep you waiting. Check out my most straightforward way to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

Why Do People Search for iPhone Monitoring Without Jailbreaking?

When it comes to iPhones, you must have come across the term “jailbreak,” but what does it really mean?

What is Jailbreaking?


In straightforward terms, jailbreaking is the process of maneuvering past the restrictions on an Apple device and taking control of its operating system. Jailbreaking gives you the ability to modify the system and install applications that are not on the official iOS app store. It also allows you to tweak the security restrictions and make changes to settings that are usually fixed.

Since Apple doesn’t allow you to install apps not found on their official App Store but jailbreaking the phone will enable you to; jailbreaking should be a good thing, right? So why are so many people afraid of jailbreaking a phone?

Here’s the thing, jailbreaking is considered a direct violation of Apple’s warranty. The moment you try jailbreaking a phone, its warranty becomes null and void. There are some other risks involved in iPhone jailbreak, including the following:

  • The possibility of “bricking” the iPhone.
  • You’ll no longer be able to install new Software Updates.
  • The phone will become more vulnerable to security risks and the loss of online privacy.

Jailbreaking your phone is not easy. It’s best for developers, or people that have high tech uses for their phones. Although not all iPhones can be jailbroken, there are pros and cons to it, and it’s not a process that is done lightly. For this reason, several people prefer using iPhone monitoring software without jailbreak.

Spy Apps for iPhone Without Jailbreak

A spy app is discrete monitoring software that offers you a simple way to keep track of someone else’s mobile activities. Spy apps are perfect tools for keeping an eye on another person without the person’s knowledge. There are spy apps you can use on iPhones. While several of these apps require jailbreaking to work, a few others can work without jailbreak, such as mSpy.

mSpy is fantastic monitoring software that’s perfect for iPhone spy without jailbreak. Although the software also offers a version for jailbroken phones, I strongly recommend the mSpy without jailbreak for users looking for a less complicated way to monitor someone else.

What Can You Monitor With the iPhone Spy App?

By using mSpy software, you can monitor different details on your target device. All information, even the notes, and contacts on the target device can be recorded and reported. As I stated earlier, mSpy is compatible with iPhones with or without jailbreak. However, there are a few differences in the features both versions offer. Let me break it down for you.

Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

The mSpy without jailbreak works on all iPhones, regardless of the iOS version. You don’t need physical access to the phone unless the iCloud backup isn’t activated on the target device. When you use this app for spying on iPhone without jailbreak, you get access to features including:

  • Monitoring of calls.
  • Records of the contacts list, including new contacts added.
  • Tracking all text messages sent and received.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring.
  • Tracking Browsing History.
  • Records of events log.
  • Records of notes log.
  • List of all installed apps.

Spy on Jailbroken iPhone

mSpy for jailbroken devices only works on iPhones with iOS versions 7 – 9.1. It also requires physical access for the installation of the software. However, it gives you access to a more advanced set of features such as monitoring and blocking instant messaging apps, GPS tracking and geofencing, monitoring call logs and SMS (including deleted messages), records of contacts, and blocking features. It also allows you to track browsing history, receive keyword alerts, and even wipe the target phone.

How to Install a Spy App for iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Before you can track the target iPhone’s activities, you’ll have to install the app first. mSpy is easy to use and install, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Get the iCloud login details. For mSpy iPhone spy app no jailbreak to work, use the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Also, ensure that the target phone’s iCloud backup is activated, or 2-step/2-factor verification.

Step 2. Create an account and buy a plan. After creating your account, select the mSpy without jailbreak package and make payment.

Step 3. Get further instructions and guidelines via email.

Step 4. Start tracking. Just log into your Control Panel and start monitoring all the information you want from your dashboard.

Can I Install mSpy Remotely?

You can install the mSpy iPhone spyware without jailbreaking or physically touching the phone. All you need is the phone’s iCloud login details and password, and you’re good to go.

What Are 4 Best iPhone Spy Software Without Jailbreaking?

1. mSpy


One of the best apps for iPhone spy without jailbreaking, mSpy is my favorite choice in the market. Although the app works across several devices, I’m particular about its no-jailbreak compatibility. The app is user-friendly and doesn’t require tech know-how to install. mSpy can track your target phone undetected, especially when you’re using the no-jailbreak version.

The no-jailbreak version of this app allows you to monitor information such as call logs, instant messaging platforms. You can also monitor text messages, contact lists, emails, and even browsing history. With the app, you’d get the reports of everything you observe on your dashboard.

2. Eyezy


Eyezy offers perhaps some of the best iPhone spy features without jailbreaking your target’s iOS-based device. While other options stop offering rudimentary app monitoring, Eyezy takes it a notch higher by including data encryption and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

With all these add-ons, you can store collated data on the target’s device without any reservation whatsoever. Additionally, Eyezy has an active customer care service if you need pointers on setup and day-to-day use. 

Featuring subscriptions that won’t make a hole in your pocket, it’s easy to see why Eyezy has amassed quite the reputation in a short while.

3. iKeyMonitor


iKeyMonitor is another good option for those looking for spyware for the iPhone without jailbreaking. This app offers full enforcing parental control over iOS devices. You can remotely monitor social media network chats, call logs, SMS, mobile apps, and even media saved on the target phone. With the software’s GPS tracking feature, you can see the person’s locations.

One striking feature about iKeyMonitor is its multi-language support. You can log in and monitor the other person in whatever language you prefer. All tracking and monitoring are done remotely on your online Control Panel with iKeyMonitor. The app is easy to use and available across different iOS versions.

4. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile65

By offering features like complete stealth spying, WhatsApp messages monitoring, and call recording, the Highster Mobile spy app comes in third on my list. This app is perfect for iPhone spy; no jailbreak required. It also gives you features like other instant messaging platform monitoring like Snapchat and Instagram and SMS tracking. The app can be used on your target phone without the fear of getting detected. It’s also straightforward to install and has a user-friendly interface. It has a direct interface with no complicated user instructions. All you need to do is install and start monitoring.

How to Choose a Spy App for Your Needs?

When you’re choosing a spying app for the iPhone, there are a few things you should consider first. Don’t just select anyone that looks cheap, nor go for the most expensive one too. Ensure that you choose the app that offers you excellent value for your money. And how can you do that? By considering some crucial factors, I’ve listed for you below.


Ensure that the app is compatible with your target phone. As I stated earlier, mSpy no jailbreak version is compatible with all iOS versions.


Choose an app that is dependable at all times. You don’t want to be stuck with a lagging app or one that provides delayed reports, making you lose valuable time accessing relevant information. I know it’s not easy to know which app is reliable just by looking at them. But, you can use reviews and articles like this one to select a well-recommended app.


As you’re looking for the best iPhone spy software to meet your needs, focus on features it offers. If you really want to monitor the target’s text messages, ensure you go with an app that tracks iPhone text messages without jailbreak. Also, check other features too.


The main aim of spying is monitoring the other person with getting detected, right? Then your preferred iPhone spyware should offer you just that.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensure that the app you choose is easy to use. Check its customer reviews and comments, or try its live demo option (if available) before making your choice.


Check the prices of each spy app you are considering. You may find an app that allows you to spy on iPhone without jailbreak for free but doesn’t offer the features you want. It’s better to go for one with more features but at a higher price. Ensure you get the best app for your needs.

Customer Support

Make sure that the app you select has excellent customer support. I’d hate running into problems with my spy app and not having instant customer support to help me resolve it. And I’m sure nobody would like to be in such a situation too.

Benefits of iPhone Monitoring


There are several benefits of iPhone monitoring for different individuals. I’ve highlighted some of these benefits for parents, employers, and couples below.

For Parents

As a parent, using an iPhone spyware will help you keep a close eye on your child. You’ll be able to know your kid’s location even if you’re miles away. You can track what they have been browsing on the Internet, and also block access to some wrong-content websites. With remote spyware giving you details about your child’s mobile activities, you can monitor their social media. This’ll ensure that your kid isn’t getting into illegal activities online.

For Employers

Monitoring your employees can help you track productivity during office hours. You can also use it to track your employees’ locations and enforce better, timelier products and goods delivery.

For Couples

Couples can take advantage of iPhone monitoring to check the location of their spouses. And if there are issues of suspected infidelity, monitoring their spouses’ mobile activities can help them confirm or rebuff such suspicions.

Legal Issues of Phone Spying

Phone spying is legal in most countries, although under specific laws and restrictions. Legally, mobile spyware is designed only for people within your care or under your country’s legal age. There are still some laws guiding its usage under these circumstances, and they include:

  • Only people above the legal age of 18 years are allowed to install and use a phone spy app.
  • The child being monitored should be under your guidance legally (your own child) and below the legal age of 18 years.
  • The phone being monitored should be under your ownership.
  • If it’s an employee being monitored, the employee should work at a company you own. If you don’t own the company, you must have managerial responsibilities over the employee you’re monitoring.
  • The employee’s phone being monitored must be company-owned.
  • The employees must be aware and agree to the phone monitoring before any tracking can commence.
  • There’s no legal backing for spying on your spouse’s phone unless the spouse is aware and consents it. 

Always keep in mind that spyware manufacturers do not support illegal spying on other people.

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