How to Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone Anywhere, Anytime?


How to Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone Anywhere, Anytime?

Several driving forces have propelled the meteoric rise of iPhones in the mobile space. But what’s really helped Apple consolidate its pole position is the relatively greater stability and security that comes with iPhones. iPhones generally suffer one of the lowest rates of security breaches. They’re a deck above most other phone brands in terms of security. However, the fact that Apple rolls out periodic patches and security upgrades for supported iPhones is a clear sign that the devices are yet to be the perfect product and are still vulnerable. 

You’ll get an affirmative answer from an expert like me if you ask whether it’s possible to spy on an iPhone without physical access. In fact, you’ll be astounded by the simplicity of the methods that I’ll share with you about how to spy on iPhone without having the phone. These apps come with a free trial offer that you can try out risk-free to find things out for yourself. You don’t need to pay anything upfront, nor do you need steep technical skills or physical access to the target iPhone. The methods I’ll share with you are turnkey, and you could be on to your target iPhone’s activities in no time from now.

Forget About Physical Access to the Target iPhone! Go Remote with Apple ID!


With a high-tech spy app like mSpy, you don’t need access to the target iPhone to learn how to spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing. The simplicity of the entire process is remarkable. With the click of just a few buttons, you could have text messages, social media messages, and other phone data from your target phone right in front of your noses.

All you have to do to spy on an iPhone without touching it is simply register for your mSpy account, activate a subscription plan, and then set up your private dashboard. You can then simply just plug in the Apple ID of the target iPhone to gain access to the phone’s data.

You’ll be able to access phone data synced to the phone’s iCloud account. Every bit of phone data uploaded to the iCloud account will be automatically forwarded to your user dashboard in real-time. Whenever you log into your user area, you’ll have your target’s phone details waiting for you. By setting up this professional software to spy on iPhone remotely, you won’t ever need to handle the target phone physically.

Note, however, that you need to ensure that the iPhone’s iCloud sync settings are properly activated to ensure that their phone data is always uploaded to iCloud. Also, you might need to turn off two-factor authentication on the target iPhone if it’s activated. You’ll be asked to undergo a secondary authentication when using the target phone’s Apple credentials on the spy software if two-factor authentication is active on the target iPhone.

How to Set Up iPhone Spyware Without Access to the Target iPhone?

You might be surprised by how a high-tech spy app like mSpy is simple to install and use. The entire process can be roughly broken down into just two main steps: registering for an account, setting up the software to initiate the monitoring campaign.

Here’s a detailed outline of each of the steps:

Step 1: Register for your mSpy Account 


1. Visit mSpy’s official website, click on the sign-up button, and then provide your email.

2. After confirming your email address, you’ll then be redirected to a subscription selection page where you can choose a suitable subscription package that covers your unique monitoring needs. The packages vary in terms of pricing, supported features, license duration, etc. 

3. Proceed to the checkout and confirm your payment for the selected subscription. You’ll need to fill out personal details like your name, age, country, physical address, etc. Once you’re done filling out the form, click the “Submit Order” button.

4. In a moment afterward, you’ll receive a confirmation email bearing the details of your transaction, as well as further instructions about how to spy on someone’s iPhone with the spy app. You’ll find in the email details like the link to your Control Panel, your username, password, and contact details of the technical support team.

Step 2: Set up mSpy on Non-Jailbroken Phone

To proceed with your use of software to spy on the iPhone without physical access, you need your target’s Apple ID and password. You’ll have to find a way to get your target to disclose the credentials to you. Once you pass this hurdle, you’ll hit the ground running with your monitoring campaign without ever having to get a hold of the target device physically.

Once you have the target’s iCloud credentials, simply log into your mSpy user dashboard and then key in your target’s Apple ID and password. Depending on the subscription package you opted for, you’ll gain instant access to various phone data synced to the phone’s iCloud account.

But remember that you need to ensure that iCloud backup is active and 2-step authentication disabled on the target phone to spy on iPhone with Apple ID.

What Spying Features Can You Get with Physical Access to the Target iPhone? 

You can gain access to a lot more phone data if you’re able to handle the target iPhone physically for just a moment. With physical access, you can jailbreak the phone to bypass restrictions that limit mSpy’s ability to track data on the phone. Once you have jailbroken the iPhone, you need to install the app on the phone to enable it to track the phone’s data locally rather than through iCloud syncing. As such, you’ll no longer need to wait for the device to sync data to iCloud. Plus, you’ll also gain access to data points that aren’t uploaded to iCloud.

Once you have the mSpy app installed on the jailbroken target iPhone, you’ll use the spyware for the iPhone without access to the target phone from then on. You’ll have access to just about every type of phone data, including those related to:

  • Messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, Line, etc.
  • Current and previous GPS locations.
  • Text messages (including recently deleted).
  • Call records complete with details of the callers/receivers.
  • Contact lists.
  • Emails, including details of shared multimedia files and contact details of the sender and receiver.
  • Internet activities, including their browsing history, bookmarks, keyword alerts, etc.
  • Calendar activities.

Besides viewing their phone data, you also gain control over a host of features when you learn how to monitor an iPhone without them knowing using jailbreaking. For instance, you can limit or block certain activities, including those on social media platforms and browsers. You can also block certain contact from connecting with your loved ones on the target iPhone. And finally, you’ll also have access to a keylogging function that provides you with a comprehensive and easily comprehensible record of every single key pressed on the target iPhone.

Why Is Professional Spyware The Best Method for Monitoring an iPhone?


High-tech spyware like mSpy comes with numerous advantages over many other spying methods. For starters, physical access to the target iPhone is only an optional requirement when learning how to monitor an iPhone with spy apps. With mSpy, you can still gain access to valuable information from the target phone without ever having to touch it.

The app is highly effective because it operates incognito without ever raising suspicion. When downloaded on the target iPhone, it disappears into the phone’s background and operates without leaving the slightest clues. The chances of detecting the app are nearly nonexistent with remote installation, where you only need access to the iCloud account of the target phone.

Top-notch spy apps work ceaselessly around the clock, sending you copies of a target phone’s data as they’re generated. They work 100% of the time because they give you easy instant access to the target phone’s data without ever raising any suspicion. You can use them to obtain just about every byte of information generated on the target phone.


What iPhone Models Does mSpy Support?

You can install spy software for iPhone without having a target phone so long as it runs on iOS versions 7 – 11+. You can visit mSpy’s official website to check if your device is compatible with the app.

How Can I Uninstall mSpy?

To stop spying on iPhone without access to the phone, simply log out the target’s mSpy credentials from your user dashboard. To terminate your mSpy account entirely, you can simply contact the technical account and ask them to suspend or delete your account.

Where Can I View Data From the Monitored Device?

You can view your target’s phone data on your mSpy user dashboard, which you can access using any browser of any device.

How Often Do You Get Updates From the Target Phone?

The frequency of updates depends on the iCloud sync settings. If the phone is syncing information to iCloud every 24 hours, that’s how frequently you should expect to get updates on your mSpy user dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Top-notch spy apps like mSpy work wonders, don’t they? mSpy is the perfect spy tool for just about anyone who wants to learn how to bug an iPhone remotely. Regardless of your technical skill level, you’ll always find an app like mSpy, a handy, expedient method for how to tap an iPhone without the phone. You can use the app to gain access to just about every information generated on the target phone with just a few keypresses.

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