Use data to stay nimble in a shifting insurance landscape.

Forward looking insurers are looking to AI to help them stay ahead of new and emerging threats. Increasing pressure from FinTech startups and decreasing auto-insurance premiums due to autonomous vehicles are just two of the changes insurers will need to react to in the coming years.

Despite these threats, established insurers have a huge data advantage over new entrants to the market, but in order to succeed, they must overcome organizational, regulatory and tooling challenges.

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Key AI Opportunities

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  • Behavioral policy pricing
  • Highly targeted marketing
  • Sharper economic capital calculations
  • Sales support bots
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Reduce costs

  • Automated claim bots
  • Intelligent policy document analysis
  • Back office bots for routine tasks
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Reduce risk

  • Post–trade risk analysis
  • Enhanced fraud detection
  • Cyber security

Key AI challenges

  • Ensuring customer trust in new AI solutions through explainability
  • Moving machine learning initiatives from research to production
  • Building and scaling machine learning teams who are demanding new and increasingly open source tooling
  • Integrating Machine Learning into Model Risk Management processes
  • Fending off Fintech challengers

How can Dotscience help?

Dotscience provides insurers with an end to end solution that gives your AI teams the tools and processes they need, while bringing your machine learning into a robust model governance framework that your risk departments will intuitively understand.

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