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Dotscience & GitLab

Dotscience & GitLab integration makes MLOps available to the growing GitLab community

The combination of GitLab and Dotscience provides a full, integrated DevOps & MLOps platform by combining a source repository, issue tracking, and continuous integration with a machine learning environment that provides the ability to build, train, deploy & monitor models, while enabling reproducibility & collaboration on notebooks.

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How does it work?

Dotscience allows you to hook into GitLab to give you more control over your model builds.

  1. The integration gives model builds in the Dotscience model library the ability to trigger a GitLab pipeline.
  2. The pipeline downloads the versioned model from Dotscience, builds a Docker image from it to turn it into a runnable service, and then pushes it to a container registry.
  3. The model can then be deployed within Dotscience to a Kubernetes cluster and automatically statistically monitored.
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