In-Depth Parentaler Review: Is It Worth It?


In-Depth Parentaler Review: Is It Worth It?

Digitalization is the dawn of a new era where kids’ online safety has become a top priority. An impressive 84% of Americans are proactively monitoring their children’s content. Some parents manually sift through websites and apps, while others rely on standard parental software. These tools focus on specific functions like web filtering or time scheduling. 

Advanced solutions, however, offer a 360-degree view of kids’ activities. That’s precisely what the new app brings to the table – Parentaler.

Even though tons of Parentaler reviews have appeared online since its release, we wanted to see its actual worth. Our team tested it to determine if this app could be a game-changer for parents worldwide. Stay tuned to uncover our verdict.

What Is Parentaler App?

Parentaler app for parents is an all-in-one solution designed for tracking online and offline data, boosted by blocking and web-filtering tools. Considering that teens practically live on smartphones or tablets, the app leans heavily into mobile software, making it compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Yet, if your kids switch from their mobile accounts to the desktop version, Parentaler can track the data as long as it’s shared online. 

Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the Parentaler app review to break down all its features. 

Feature Set: What Does Parentaler Do?


Parentaler Internet safety features take digital monitoring to a new level. Major parental apps, like Google Family Link or Bark, don’t provide access to the content of chats and search queries, focusing mainly on a non-intrusive approach to parental monitoring. 

The reality is that most digital threats come from private communications, as Thorn’s research points out. So, Parentaler’s standout advantage is its ability to display text messages, emails, social media chats, and other content.

Outside of this, Parentaler’s tools include location tracking, Internet filtering, app blocking, and smart alerts.

Messengers, Social Media Networks, and Emails

Parentaler texts monitoring77

Parentaler excels at monitoring social media, messaging apps, and default messengers. The app automatically links to various platforms, including big names like iMessage, Android Messages, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Line, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

Here’s what can Parenteler see across social media, messengers, and email services:

  • Message content -You can read both sent and received texts, complete with timestamps. As we found during our test, the app even retrieves encrypted messages from secret chats.
  • Calls – Parentaler lets view calls made via default apps and messengers. The app also offers a handy filtering system, allowing you to sort the data by call type, duration, and time.
  • Contact information – You can see numbers, names, email addresses, and photos associated with your kids’ contacts, including social media friends.
  • Shared media – Parentaler shows you the whole picture – literally. It presents full-size images and videos shared across instant messengers, social media, and email services. 

On top of that, the application tracks posts, comments, and even self-destructing messages. Once you install the Parentaler app for parents, the software captures screenshots of the target devices in short-time intervals. This allowed us to review the deleted content in a “Screen recorder” tab.

Location Tracking

parentaler Location Tracking77

Parentaler brings together three special tools to give you a complete picture of your child’s location. The location history lets you track a timeline of places they’ve visited, with routes marked on a map, coordinates, and addresses for each stop. 

For real-time location data, you can switch over to live GPS tracking. Finally, with the geo-fencing tool, you can set up restricted and allowed zones and receive notifications whenever your child crosses those boundaries.

Internet Filtering

parentaler internet filtering77

Parentaler seamlessly tracks the websites visited from the target device, providing you with links, titles, and bookmarked content. You can immediately restrict any harmful resources by adding the link to the blacklist. We also found a handy feature that other Parentaler monitoring reviews have missed. The app can block an entire domain, so you don’t have to add individual pages manually.

Beyond this, Parentaler comes with a Wi-Fi connection blocker. This feature lets you shut off Internet access when your kids’ screen time exceeds the limit. 

App Blocking

Much like its website-blocking features, Parentaler gives you the power to limit access to any apps installed on the target device. For each app, whether it’s a game or a social media platform, there’s a “block” button.

Slang Alert

Parentaler’s Slang Alert feature is designed to keep parents informed about potentially dangerous or inappropriate language that their children might be encountering or using online. Utilizing advanced language processing algorithms, this tool scans communications across text messages, social media, and other platforms for predefined lists of slang terms, acronyms, and coded language commonly associated with cyberbullying, drug use, self-harm, and other risky behaviors.

When a flagged term is detected, Parentaler sends an immediate alert to the parent’s dashboard, providing context around the conversation to help assess its seriousness. These notifications can be customized, allowing parents to adjust sensitivity settings and update the slang dictionary as new terms and trends emerge. This proactive feature helps parents stay ahead of evolving digital threats and ensures they can intervene promptly to safeguard their children’s well-being.

Parentaler Compatibility

Operational SystemAndroid &iOS
# of SevicesUnlimited
Demo AvailableNo
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days
Location TrackingYes
Social Media MonitoringYes
Content BlockingYes
Smart NotificationsYes

Parentaler Plans & Pricing

Parentaler offers clear-cut pricing with no hidden costs or extra charges for advanced features. The app doesn’t come with so-called Premium packages often needed to unlock the full range of monitoring tools. So, how much does Parentaler cost? The only difference between subscription packages is the plan’s duration. 

Plan1 Months3 Months12 Months
No. of devicesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days14 Days14-Days

Parentaler Installation & Setup

Now that we’ve covered all the ins and outs of how much is Parenaler app, let’s get down to practice. The app uses a web-based algorithm, meaning you don’t need to install it on your own device. You simply sign up for an account, providing your email. From there, you select the type of device your child uses, Android or iOS, and then proceed with the installation steps.

How Does Parentaler Work on Android Devices?


Copy the download link from your welcome email and paste it into the browser address bar on your child’s device. Download the APK file and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the configuration. After that, log into the parental account from any web browser. You’ll be taken to Control Panel, where you can navigate through the collected data.

How Does Parentaler Work on iOS Devices?

parentaler iphone parental control app77

For iOS devices, Parentaler offers a no-jailbreak solution* that requires only your child’s iCloud credentials for setup. After registering, input their Apple ID and password and wait for Parentaler to upload the data to your Control Panel. 

*Some advanced features may require jailbreaking. If you encounter any issues while following Parentaler’s instructions, contact their live Customer Support for guided assistance.

Why Choose the Parentaler App?

Despite being a new player in the market, Parentaler already boasts several advantages we haven’t come across in similar apps. Here are the key ones:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility. Parentaler runs smoothly on iOS and Android devices, offering an identical toolset for both operating systems. 
  • Quick installation. The app features multiple installation modes, each with easy-to-follow instructions.  
  • Quiet Monitoring. Parentaler operates in the background mode, remaining invisible on the target device. An excellent option for monitoring older children and teenagers.
  • Around-the-clock support. Your subscription package covers access to 24/7 live, multilingual customer support.


Is Parentaler Safe?

We’ve checked Parentaler through 5 antivirus scanners, and it’s 100% clean.

Can My Child Delete Parentaler?

Since Parentaler operates invisibly on the target device, your child won’t be able to find and delete it.

Can I Install Parentaler on My Child’s Phone Remotely?

You can remotely install the Parentaler app for parents on iOS devices by syncing with an iCloud account. For a successful setup on Android devices, one-time physical access is required.

Can Parentaler Track My Child’s Location?

Parentaler tracks your child’s device’s live location and displays past routes. Plus, you can set up geofences for instant alerts on the device’s movement.

Does Parentaler Slow Down Device Operation?

Generally, parental apps can slow down a device’s performance because they interfere with working memory. However, we didn’t encounter this problem during our iOS and Android smartphone tests.

Final Thoughts

Our thorough Parentaler app review indicates that Parentaler is a new go-to solution for proactive parents who prioritize their child’s Internet safety.

The multifunctional toolset makes the app suitable for preschoolers and teenagers, monitoring every inch of shared data ranging from GPS locations to social media.

Parentaler is also convenient for large families, offering multi-device tracking, a user-friendly interface, and round-the-clock customer support

On top of that, with transparent pricing plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can test the application risk-free. 

In summary, Parentaler is an exceptional remote monitoring app – a mix of high-end features and budget pricing that will help you to ensure children’s safety wherever you are.

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