Kubernetes and
high performance computing.

for data science.

Data scientists are increasingly turning to clusters to cut model training time and power complex models in production.

But setting up and maintaining a cluster is time-consuming and requires devops expertise. dotscience puts the latest Kubernetes technology directly into the hands of data scientists.

We’ll provision a Kubernetes cluster for your cloud, and expose a straightforward, user-friendly interface.

High performance
data science.

Dotscience can attach any VM of your choice to your model. Continue developing as you always have done – in a Jupyter notebook, or the terminal: we’ll take care of the underlying infrastructure and provide a data science friendly interface.

If you are doing deep learning and require massively parallelised compute, dotscience can provision and attach the latest GPUs to your model, providing a data science friendly interface. Choose from NVIDIA® Tesla® K80, P100 and V100 GPUs.

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