How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Having Access to the Target Phone?


How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Having Access to the Target Phone?

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most extensively used instant messaging app in the world. It has become a must-have application for all smartphone users since it allows users to share text and voice messages, have audio and video calls, and even send user location and documents.

WhatsApp is free to use, and that’s one of the main reasons behind its popularity. An unbelievable 65 billion messages are shared on WhatsApp every day, out of which 4.5 billion messages consist of photos, and 1 billion are video messages.

Unfortunately, the features that make WhatsApp a must-have sometimes bring more harm than good. For instance, online predators or cyberbullies can use the platform to approach your kids, or malicious users can try to steal your sensitive business information.

Hence, the question of how to spy on WhatsApp without a target phone becomes reasonable. Luckily, you can use WhatsApp spy apps to make sure none of this happens.

Why Do People Want to Spy on WhatsApp?


Underage kids are highly vulnerable to WhatsApp. They can engage in personal conversations with strangers and can end up sharing private photos. Hackers can easily access the contents of your child’s smartphone, besides sensitive information like the device location, once they establish contact on WhatsApp.

Cyberbullies and scammers can force your children to share their vital information without you even knowing. Worst of all, your kids can be exposed to sexually explicit content shared by their friends or online predators.

Since parents can’t access the mobile phones of their children at all times, monitoring their WhatsApp activity by spy apps is the only way to protect them. This way, you’ll keep an eye on everything your kid does on the platform.

You’ll be able to see who they talk to and what kind of media they send and receive. Giving you full control over your kids, a spy app would allow you to intervene before anything goes wrong.

Other than parents, business owners can use spy apps to track the WhatsApp activity of their company-owned devices. Employers can monitor the conversations between their workers and outside entities to prevent corporate espionage and intellectual property theft.

Spy apps can also be used to check if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. But you need to have the consent of the targeted user before installing such an app on their smartphone. An exception would be installing the app on your company-owned devices or your underage kids’ mobile phones.

What Information Can Be Obtained by Spying on WhatsApp?

A spy app can enable you to monitor the entire WhatsApp activity of any person. After installing the app in the smartphone of the targeted user, you can read their incoming and outgoing text messages along with their date and time, listen to their voice notes, and see their stories.

You can access every picture, video, or document they sent or received on the platform. You can also view the date, time, and duration of their audio and video calls. Furthermore, you can access all of their contacts, view their profile pictures, and read their WhatsApp status and stories.

How to Spy on WhatsApp from Another Cell Phone?

There are three methods to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. They are as follows.

1. Use WhatsApp Web

The first method is to log in to the account of the targeted person using WhatsApp Web. Once you scan the QR Code from the user’s smartphone into your laptop, you can read their conversations. However, you need physical access to the targeted device to log in to WhatsApp Web, which makes this method quite risky and complicated. Also, the targeted user can easily detect the whole thing from a banner that appears on their mobile screen.

2. Use MAC Spoofing

The second method to spy on WhatsApp is MAC Spoofing.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Get the MAC address (a unique ID assigned to a phone by its manufacturer) of your targeted user.
  • Spoof the MAC ID on your device.
  • Install WhatsApp on your device.
  • Enter the phone number of the targeted user.
  • Feed the activation code sent on the victim’s number (also, make sure to delete it).
  • Re-enter your original MAC ID on your device.

This way is complicated, and it’s a time-consuming process. Also, you need to be extremely tech-savvy to execute this method successfully.

3. Use a Spy App

The easiest way to spy on WhatsApp without the target phone is to use a spy app. Spy apps run in a background mode without the knowledge of the target user. They capture the entire WhatsApp activity of the user and upload it to your online account.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Purchase the app.
  • Install it on the target phone.
  • Log in to your Control Panel to spy on the user’s WhatsApp messages.

There are scores of apps that can be used to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone. The most effective apps are listed below.

1. mSpy


mSpy is the most advanced spy app that can allow you to access someone’s WhatsApp by breaking the platform’s end-to-end encryption. You need the physical access of the target phone just for a few minutes to install the app. Once installed, the app works remotely, and you don’t have to be around your target phone.

mSpy is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. In the case of Android, the target phone needs to be rooted. If you don’t know how to root your phone, the mSpy assistance team can perform the procedure for you remotely.

In the case of iOS, the app can run on both the jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. You can even spy on WhatsApp messages without installing on the target iOS if you know their iCloud credentials.

mSpy runs in a stealth mode without draining the target device’s battery, making sure the user never learns they are being spied on. It records each and everything your targeted user does on WhatsApp and uploads it on your user-friendly Control Panel. With mSpy, you can access all messages, shared media, and documents even if they have been deleted on WhatsApp.

Besides tracking someone’s WhatsApp, mSpy enables you to monitor their other social media accounts, as well as their browser activity, passwords, SMS, call logs, location, installed apps, and even the media files.

2. FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY is another tracking solution that you can use to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. With such software, you can view all regular and group WhatsApp chats along with a date and time stamps. However, you need physical access to the target device to install it. Also, the device must be rooted, in the case of Android, or jailbroken, in the case of iOS. After installation, FlexiSPY will capture user activity by running in a background mode.

3. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch can also be used to track the WhatsApp conversations of your underage kids or business employees. With this spyware, you can read all incoming and outgoing messages, see all shared media, and even record calls. Once installed, the app will upload all data of user activity on your Control Panel. Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, Hoverwatch also enables the user to track other social media accounts besides just WhatsApp.

4. Pumpic


Pumpic is another tool that can be used to spy on WhatsApp without the target phone secretly. Pumpic allows you to view messages sent and received across different WhatsApp conversations, and check all details of each message such as the date and time stamps. Pumpic runs on both iOS and Android phones.

5. Spyera


Spyera can also be employed to find out what your kids have been chatting about on their WhatsApp. You need physical access to your kid’s phone to install the app. After that, you can start spying on their activity, and all their messages and shared media on WhatsApp. Like other apps, Spyera also works in a stealth mode to ensure the targeted user remains unaware of being under watch.

Final Thoughts

You can stop worrying about how to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone. Spy apps can easily do that for you. Using them is the most effective way to protect your kids online, learn about your spouse’s marital infidelity, or prevent corporate espionage.

And when it comes to deciding what app should be used for the purpose, mSpy stands out from others due to many reasons.

mSpy is a highly secure app. It uses advanced technology to ensure the data of your targeted user doesn’t get hacked by anyone other than you. With free or unreliable spy apps, you can never be sure about the protection of your data.

mSpy is also very easy-to-use. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can install it in a few minutes and operate it seamlessly. The mSpy assistance team can also remotely install the app for you. The team provides 24/7 support, helping users with anything they ask. You can also test the effectiveness of the app by getting a 7-day free trial.

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