How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone and iPad in 2024?


How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone and iPad in 2024?

Wondering how to secretly monitor text messages? Tech geeks have come up with hundreds of tricks you can do with iOS devices. Text forwarding, for example, lets you read texts on iMessages from other smartphones if they’re associated with the same Apple ID. Although extremely simple, the forwarding method is not secure. The iPhone’s owner can notice your device’s name on the iCloud settings.

Are there any other options? Yes! The short answer is spy apps. The longer one is the advanced cloud-based spy apps that collect data in the background of the target device.

Unlike regular monitoring apps, the ones we recommend don’t require jailbreaking the target iPhone. You won’t deal with complex installation or risk voiding the device’s warranty. Our top 5 picks sync with most iPhones remotely.

How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone via Mspy


mSpy is an exceptional iPhone message spy app that often tops the lists of best parental monitoring solutions. Once connected to an iPhone, mSpy records and sends all data to your online Control Panel. The app works in the background of a target device, so its owner won’t notice you’re reading their chat history.

With mSpy’s iMessage tracking tool, you can:

  • Read the sent and received messages
  • See deleted conversations
  • View timestamps for each message
  • Access contact info, such as phone numbers and names
  • View shared photos and videos

Moreover, mSpy lets you secretly spy on text messages exchanged on third-party apps and social media platforms. You can easily find out what they’re up to on WhatsApp, Line, and other platforms.

But what stands out in mSpy is an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app presents messaging history in a chat-style view, which is quite similar to the desktop version of the iMessage app. If you’re looking for a chat with a specific contact, it’s simple to pick out their conversation thread from the list.

Is it just about messages? Definitely not. With mSpy, you can monitor browsing activity, GPS locations, call logs, calendar entries, media files, contacts, and notes, all from one convenient dashboard.


  • 100% undetectable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a rich feature set
  • Encrypts data stored in the cloud


  • If you want to track multiple devices, you need to pay for separate plans
Starting Price$11.66/month
CompatibilityiOS, Android
Free DemoYes
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days

How to Install mSpy on the Target Phone

Installation of text spyware for iPhone is straightforward. Here’s a quick rundown of how to use mSpy:

Step 1. Pick Your Plan

Decide how long you’d like to monitor the device, and choose the subscription package that fits your needs. mSpy offers both long-term and short-term plans.

Step 2. Download mSpy on Your PC

Open your welcome email on your PC. Then, follow the download link to install the iPhone message tracker. Once setup is completed, the login window will appear. Enter your login credentials.

Step 3. Connect the Phone You Want to Monitor

Now, connect the phone you want to monitor using the USB cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure mSpy. When you’re done, disconnect the target phone from the PC.

Step 4. Track Messages

You’re all set! Log into your Control Panel at to view all the messages sent and received on the target phone in real time.

Other Ways How to Secretly Monitor Text Messages on iPhone

Because of the closed nature of Apple devices, there are only a few programs that track iMessage secretly like mSpy does. We’ve handpicked the top four alternatives that offer both stealth mode and remote synchronization. Let’s look at them in detail:



Eyezy is the most sought-after text iPhone spy tool, known for its level of stealth. It doesn’t affect the target device’s performance despite running constantly in the background. Even if the owner of the target iPhone becomes suspicious, they won’t be able to detect Eyezy. The app also protects recorded data by sending it to the remote server in encrypted form.

Speaking of data, Eyezy monitors iMessages in real time, presenting all the info on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. This includes phone numbers, contact names, timestamps, and attachments. If your kids or employees are chatting on other apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp, Eyezy also lets you access them.

Moreover, you can check whether their interactions have moved from the online world to the real world. For instance, if your loved ones plan a get-together with friends via a group chat, Eyezy’s GPS tracker will show you where they are going. Whenever they call someone, you’ll know who they’re talking to and for how long.

Another benefit of using Eyezy is its alert system. Simply add specific words to the app’s watch list, and Eyezy will let you know if they’re used in any conversation. Spy on iMessages with ease!

Setting up Eyezy takes just a few minutes. You can choose between two remote installation modes: iCloud sync or Wi-Fi sync. Both options work pretty well and come with detailed on-screen instructions.


  • Real-time notifications
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Accurate GPS tracker
  • Bank-grade data encryption


  • Customer support may be slow at times
Starting Price$9.99/month
CompatibilityiOS, Android
Free DemoYes
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days



Mobipast is yet another powerful solution for text message spying iPhone. Like the previous apps, it runs silently in the background of the target device, collecting data from over 30 social media apps and instant messengers. Yes, you read that right. If your loved ones have multiple social accounts, the app will show you their private activity on these platforms in real time.

More specifically, Mobipast tracks all types of chats. The tool not only tracks sent and received iMessages but also recovers deleted and draft messages.

Even if someone has typed text into a chat box and cleared it without sending it, Mobipast will capture that information. Similarly, if you suspect a particular contact has been renamed, you can check Mobipast’s records to confirm it.

Another standout feature of Mobipast is multimedia tracking. This text spy iPhone tool goes beyond displaying shared photos and videos. If you suspect that specific files have been downloaded to the phone’s storage, Mobipast lets you browse through the device’s media folders. You can even download them to your phone or laptop without losing quality.

Moreover, Mobipast comes with an advanced browsing history tracking feature. If your loved ones have received a website link through iMessage or any other app, you can check if they have visited that site. The app lets you view their browsing history with timestamps and website titles.


  • Tracks all types of texts, including deleted and draft messages
  • Lets you access media folders on the target device
  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • Has Stealth Mode


  • Lacks geofencing features
Starting Price$11.66/month
CompatibilityiOS phones & tablets
Free DemoYes
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days


phonsee app1

For those wondering how to check iPhone text messages from another phone, Phonsee is the answer. With Phonsee, you can keep tabs on what your loved ones are doing 24/7, no matter where you are. The app updates data every 5 minutes, helping you to get the latest information about new messages and location changes.

Apart from private chats, Phonsee lets you read group conversations, including sent, received, and deleted texts. Each message is displayed with its timestamp and contact name.

Phonsee also sends you daily reports on phone usage, which aren’t just about which apps or websites consume the most data. You’ll get more valuable insights, such as most frequently calling and messaging contacts.

So, if your child or partner is chatting on the phone more than usual, you’ll know who is on the other end of the line.

As a cherry on top, Phonsee doesn’t just stop at text message spying iPhone. It tracks other online activities such as visited websites, GPS locations, email history, calendar entries, and notes. You’ll get a complete picture of their daily life, including scheduled events and meetings.


  • Sends data updates every 5 minutes
  • Generates reports on most messaging contacts
  • Works from any web browser
  • Provides expert assistance for easy installation


  • Demo version is not interactive
  • Limited customer support
Starting Price$9.60/month
CompatibilityiOS & Android phones
Free DemoYes
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days


spynger sms tracker

Spynger rounds up our list of the best remote apps to track text messages iPhone. The extensive feature set, intuitive user interface, and easy setup — what more could you ask for? Spynger does it all. Its message tracker works perfectly on iPhones and iPads. If your loved ones switch from one device to another, you’ll know what they’re up to.

Spynger is user-friendly and offers many of the core features needed for iMessage tracking. All you have to do is connect the target device to your Monitoring Dashboard via iCloud or Wi-Fi. Once set up, Spynger will send you regular updates on new messages. Like other apps, it displays timestamps, contact information, and attachments in an easy-to-read format.

Moreover, you can keep tabs on other messaging apps the device’s owner might be using. This text spyware for iPhone covers such commonly used platforms as WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a hidden feature you will surely be impressed by. Spynger comes with a secret screen recorder that captures screenshots at short intervals. This is an ideal way to capture self-destructing messages and photos shared through secure apps like Signal or Telegram.


  • Monitors chats across iMessages and third-party apps
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a screen recorder
  • Offers convenient Monitoring Dashboard


  • Drains battery of older device
  • Lacks some of the advanced features found in other apps
Starting Price$9.99/month
CompatibilityiOS & Android
Free DemoNo
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days

What Is the Best App to Track Text Messages on iPhone?

We’ve put together a comparison chart of the best apps to spy on text messages iPhone. Take a quick look at their core features, compatibility, and price to decide which one would be your top choice.

iPhone Message TrackerStandout FeaturesCompatibilityPriceRating
mSpy-Read sent, received, and deleted messages
-View timestamps and contact info
-Monitor social media
-Track GPS location
iOS & Android devices$11.66/month5.0/5.0
Eyezy-Read all messages and view attachments -Access call logs
-Monitor third-party messengers
-Keep tabs on live location  
iOS & Android devices$9.99/month4.9/5.0
MobiPast-Read messages across all apps
-View media gallery
-Monitor browsing activity
iOS & Android phones$11.66/month4.8/5.0
Phonsee-Read private and group chats
-Receive daily reports on phone usage
-Check emails, calendar logs and notes
iOS & Android phones$9.60/month4.7/5.0
Spynger-Screenshot chats on iMessages
-View contact book
-Access any social media app    
iOS & Android$9.99/month4.6/5.0

How Track iPhone Text Messages For Free On iCloud

If you’d like to try free solutions on how to track messages on iPhone, why not go through the backup files? iCloud stores essential phone data like chat history, photos, videos, and notes. Although you’ll need to gain access to the target phone, it might be worth a shot. To do so:

  1. Install a backup recovery tool on your PC.
  2. Connect the target Phone to your PC via USB cable.
  3. Launch the backup recovery tool and choose the Messages option.
  4. Wait for the tool to scan all files and extract messages.
  5. Read chat history on your PC!


Are text messages trackable?

Yes, with apps to track text messages on iPhone, you can read both private and group chats remotely.

Is there a way to view iPhone messages without them knowing?

Spy app with the “Stealth Mode” feature, the phone owner won’t know about the tracking activity.

Can someone see when I’m on their messages on iMessage?

If using a spy app, nobody will know about it.

How do you know if someone is reading your iMessages?

If someone has synced your iMessages to their Mac or iPad, you’ll see a device’s name under your Apple ID in Settings. However, if they’re using a spy app, you won’t notice any unusual changes.


Once you understand how to secretly monitor text messages on iPhone, you will never resort to outdated methods like iMessages forwarding.

Our in-depth review covers the best spy apps that excel in message tracking, each with unique capabilities. Whether you want to read chats on iMessages or go further with GPS tracking and social media monitoring, we have the perfect fit for you.

mSpy stands out from the rest as an all-in-one tool that monitors 30+ messaging apps, calls, GPS locations, and other activities in real time. Check out the free demo at and see for yourself what it has to offer!

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