How to Get Call History of a Mobile Number Easily and Effectively?


How to Get Call History of a Mobile Number Easily and Effectively?

Have you ever wondered who your kid is talking to behind their closed doors? Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? Have you ever felt the need to find out if your employees have been leaking sensitive business information?

If any of this is the case with you, here’s what you need to do. You can track phone calls of any number to determine what the user has been up to on their cell phone. However, tracking call logs is no easy matter; it lets you protect your loved ones from terrible things happening.

In case you don’t have the slightest idea about how to check the call logs of a number, my guide comes in handy. Within the next few minutes, you’d have learned how to get the call history of any number.

Why You Might Want to Get the Call History of a Mobile Number?

American leading cellular network provider Verizon handled an average of 800 million calls a day in April this year.a

On average, a US citizen makes or answers six phone calls every day. And when we account for a population of 330 million, around 2 billion calls are made every day in the US alone.

If there’s one thing these stats tell us, it’s that cell phone calls are still in. No matter how popular WhatsApp and other social media messaging apps can get, the good old cell phone calls are here to stay.

Hence, if you want to monitor someone’s cell phone activity, tracking their phone call logs would be a great start. Here are some reasons why you might want to get the call history of any mobile number.

  • To Protect Your Kids

American teens spend up to seven hours a day in contact with others on their mobile phones and personal computers. This duration obviously includes the time they spend talking to someone on cell phone calls. Not everyone your kids talk to is a well-wisher. Some are pure evil.

So, the best way to make sure your kids are protected from all kinds of harm is to monitor their call logs details regularly. Doing so, you can make sure that:

  • Your kids aren’t engaged in an inappropriate relationship.
  • They are not in contact with any pedophiles/delinquent persons.
  • They are not sharing any sensitive or private information with anyone.
  • No one is bullying/harassing your kids.
  • To Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you feel that your spouse is cheating, but you don’t know what to do next, consider checking their cell phone number history. It would allow you to get to the bottom of whether they are involved in an affair. And if that’s the case, their cell phone call logs would be the perfect proof you need to confront them.

  • To Keep an Eye on Your Employees

If your employees use company-owned mobile phones, you’re legally allowed to monitor their call logs details to ensure they’re not leaking any sensitive information about your business. In fact, this is the best way to keep an eye on your employees and to prevent corporate espionage.

Two Ways to Get Call History of a Mobile Number


If you’re wondering how to get the call logs of a mobile number easily, there are two methods to do that. Let’s have a look at both of them.

1. Consult The Network Provider

An easy and free way to get call details of a number is to contact the network provider. You can also use the website of the service provider for the purpose.

Here’s how to get call details of a mobile number online:

  • Determine which network your target device is using. The name of the network service would be visible at their phone’s top left corner.
  • Visit the website of the network service.
  • Enter the number whose call details you want to check.
  • Provide the user ID and password associated with the number.

The process is almost the same for all networks. But you can contact the concerned service provider to better learn about how to check mobile call logs online at their website.

2. Use the mSpy App


You can use mSpy to monitor someone’s cell phone calls effectively. You just need to purchase and install it on the target device.

Once you have done that, you can log into your Control Panel to monitor the cell phone calls made or answered by your target user. The app works in a background mode, and your target user will never know they’re being spied on.

Besides allowing you to get the call logs of any mobile number, mSpy also provides you with many additional features which will be discussed shortly.

What Call History Details You Can Get in Your Control Panel?

mSpy enables you to monitor complete call logs of a mobile number, along with all the details you might need. With mSpy, you can:

  • View outgoing/ incoming call logs.
  • See missed, outgoing, and incoming call log (along with timestamps, chronology, and call duration).
  • Monitor the contact book to see the caller’s information.
  • Block unwanted numbers.

What Additional Features Can mSpy Give You?

Besides enabling you to see the call logs of any mobile number, mSpy can provide you numerous other features as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Monitor all social media apps: mSpy can help you monitor all social media and instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, Google Hangout, Skype, Viber, Kik, Telegram, Tinder, etc.
  • Monitor browsing history: mSpy records the entire browser activity, including the bookmarks, passwords, and the duration your target user spends on each web page.
  • Keylogger: mSpy records all keystrokes target user types allowing you to find out their login details.
  • Track location: mSpy enables you to track the real-time location of your target user.
  • Monitor all installed apps: mSpy allows you to view all installed applications on the target device, and even block some apps you don’t want the target person to use.

Why Spy Software Is the Best Way to Get Call History of a Mobile Number?

Even though the spy apps like mSpy aren’t free to use, they’re still a better option as compared to contacting the network provider.

The network providers would provide you someone’s call history only if you’re close to them and are legally entitled to invade their privacy. Moreover, some network providers don’t offer call history tracking services at all.

Hence, if you’re wondering how to get phone call records, using mSpy is your best bet as it allows you to spy not only on someone’s call history but also on their photos, videos, browser history, etc.

Three Steps to Check Call History of Any Mobile Number Online

Here’s how you can install mSpy on an Android or iOS device and check the call logs of any mobile number online.

Step 1. Create Your mSpy Account

  • Go to the mSpy official website.
  • Register yourself by providing email.
  • Select your desired package.
  • Make payment for your subscription.
  • Receive the username and password of your mSpy account in your email.

Step 2. Install the mSpy App

The method of installation varies in iOS and Android devices.

a. Install mSpy on Android

  • From Settings, enable the installation of unverified apps.
  • Download the app.
  • Click the downloaded file and accept the EULA.
  • Verify your account by providing your registration code.
  • Make sure to hide the icon when the popup asks for it.
  • Delete browser history and installation package.

b. Install mSpy on iOS

  • Download the app.
  • Click the downloaded file and accept the user agreement.
  • Hide the icon when the option appears.
  • Verify your account by feeding the registration code.
  • Delete browser history and installation package.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Log in to your mSpy Control Panel using your username and password on any electronic device. You can now see the call logs of your target user.

Why Select mSpy to Get Call History of a Mobile Number?

While there are scores of call history apps out there, mSpy stands out due to its incredibly high customer satisfaction. According to their official website, 95% of mSpy clients reorder their services.

Here are some more things which differentiate mSpy from its competitors:

  • Easy installation: The entire process takes less than 15 minutes, and can even be done remotely by the mSpy support team.
  • Customer support: The mSpy multi-lingual support team is available 24/7.
  • Compatibility: mSpy works on all mobile networks present across the globe and is perfectly compatible with all versions of iOS and Android.
  • Security: mSpy uses advanced algorithms to ensure the protection of your sensitive data.
  • Free trial: mSpy gives you a 7-day free trial period, where you can access all its features.

Final Thoughts

While mobile phones have made our lives incredibly easy, they have also created some new problems. However, you can counter all these problems by being a little proactive.

Thankfully, you can install mSpy to make sure your loved ones are safe from all kinds of harm that can come their way through the misuse of mobile technology.

By now, I hope that you’d have learned how to find the call logs of a mobile number and keep your nearest and dearest safe.

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