Dotscience is shutting down


It is with great regret that I announce that Dotscience is shutting down with immediate effect. The global economic situation has caused our source of funding to cease and, as we have been unable to secure alternative funding we are now closing all our operations.

If you are a customer or partner, you should already have heard from us. For everyone we have worked with, thank you for your support and input over the years. Thank you in particular to everyone who has played a part in our mission to bring DevOps best practices to the world of AI/ML including our amazing team who have worked so hard to deliver on that mission, and our valued early customers and partners.

The following team members are actively seeking new roles elsewhere, please email me on [email protected] if you are interested in any direct introductions. I can heartily recommend every single one of them. Also please reach out to me if you want to chat about anything at all.

With warm regards,

Luke Marsden
Founder & CEO

Karolis Rusenas - Full-stack engineer

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A committed full-stack engineer (product, engineering, infra), expert in Go, Cloud Computing, ML & Data Science pipelines/model deployment, JavaScript (Vue.js & React), Kubernetes and Docker. Founder of and creator of Kubernetes automation tool Keel (

James Donnelly - Front End Engineer

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16+ years of user interface development experience; half of which at a professional level. 6+ years of React experience. Happy to jump onto the backend when required. Creating fast, accessible and responsive web apps is my passion.

Alaric Snell-Pym - Software Architect / Development team leader

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My calling in life is to lead software development teams building groundbreaking new software platforms, from operating systems, programming languages, databases and virtual machines up to application frameworks. I specialise in making software fast, maintainable, and adaptable to changing requirements through clean, modular, design. I combine pragmatic engineering experience with an avid interest in applying the mathematical foundations of computing.

Demetrios Brinkmann - Account executive / dev rel

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Full stack sales rep with a keen ability to learn quickly and iterate. Comfortable having and closing complex deals with C-suite execs and deeply technical buyers, single handedly saved company multiple times.

Pete Coles - Design director and UX lead

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Design professional with 14 years professional experience in Digital. I specialise in a user centered approach to interface design, responsive front-end development, brand creation, and design leadership across multidiscipline teams. I have a BA(Hons) in design for digital media from Bath Spa University.

Nick Ball - Principal Data Scientist

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Nick was Principal Data Scientist (Product) at Dotscience, and has 20 years experience doing data science with machine learning. As the most senior data scientist in the company (de facto Chief Data Scientist), his role had a wide array of responsibilities in scope. In his time there, he emphasized the product roadmap, along with producing technical content including deep learning models with TensorFlow, product documentation, public blog entries, and cross-functional contributions to engineering, UX, sales, marketing, and customer projects. In particular, he distilled the end-to-end data science needs of the current burgeoning market in MLOps into the product direction for Dotscience, which was gaining traction in the marketplace. He is seeking a similar generalist or full-stack position at the Principal level or higher to continue to help advance data science towards widespread adoption.

Chris Sterry - Sales, sales ops, SE, biz partnerships


Chris is an extroverted technology enthusiast with a passion for solving business problems by connecting customers to the right solution. Chris has the past 15 years working with growth stage SaaS companies with a focus on go to market strategies, and incorporation of Voice of Customer into products and services.

Priya Samuel - Engineering Manager / DevOps & Backend engineering

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Wears many hats, from being a team enabler, problem solver, and passionate about navigating complex engineering systems as a team. I work with leadership teams to ensure a strategic approach to both individual and organisational capability, planning and development. I build safe spaces for team members to thrive - with regular 1:1’s, feedback and clear roles and responsibilities. My main role is being an unblocker - thereby making teams more efficient and software delivery more predictable. I’m technology agnostic programmer and I work across teams to deliver scalable, fail-fast and resilient microservice platforms. I’m interested in building Open Data platforms - using free and open API’s to enable product development. Solidly grounded in practices around architecting systems for fast feedback, test driven CD, and minimising complexity.

Dan Baker - Marketing/Web Automation Specialist, Frontend Engineer

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A technology addict and automation specialist with over 20 years experience in helping businesses realise the potential of their data. From tracking, through aggregating to reporting, data is my passion. Enabling marketing and sales teams to achieve their goals. With a diverse background in design, engineering, ops and marketing, I’m full stack capable, allowing me to independently deliver.

Luke Marsden - Backend engineer, product, technology leader

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A passionate technology leader with experience in CEO, CTO, product and engineering roles. Motivated primarily by creating fast iteration cycles with hands-on coding with customers and prospects to create value from technology by solving business problems, in particular by iterating on product-market fit as rapidly as possible. Particularly experienced in software engineering, DevOps and MLOps. Was deeply involved in the early development of Docker plugins system with Solomon Hykes, the then-CTO of Docker and with the kubeadm project as SIG lead of SIG-cluster-lifecycle in close collaboration with Joe Beda, one of the creators of Kubernetes.

Written by:

Luke Marsden, Founder & CEO at Dotscience