Sandhill Group's MR Asks 3 Questions: Luke Marsden, Founder & CEO, Dotscience


At Dotscience our vision is to make machine learning (ML) engineering as easy, fast and safe as modern software engineering through the use of DevOps techniques and practices.

Recently, Luke Marsden, CEO and founder of Dotscience, sat down with M.R. Rangaswami at to explore the market need that led to the creation of Dotscience and the ongoing struggles companies are facing today, as they work to stabilize and scale their AI initiatives.

“We started Dotscience in order to address the current crisis in data science and AI in which companies are investing large amounts of money but rarely seeing adequate results. Building effective AI initiatives requires an end-to-end approach that is often overlooked by many fledgling teams. Getting useful data to data science and ML teams is often cited as a major challenge, and while this is true, it is only half the picture,” Luke tells Sand Hill.

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Written by:

Mark Coleman