We are dotscience.

Devops industry veterans solving data science workflows, with $10 million seed round funding. We are the people behind dotscience.

Al headshot

Alaric Snell–Plyn


Alaric is a software engineer at Dotmesh, as well as a Scout leader, a co-founder of Cheltenham Hackspace, and a prolific open source dabbler.

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Alice Sowerby


Alice loves ideas and problem solving, especially anything to do with human behaviour. So far this has included working on making things better for users and teams, and trying to grok global economics.

Charlotte headshot

Charlotte Godley


Charlotte is a software engineer who enjoys getting stuck into all sides and ends of the stack. Her hobbies include playing musical instruments in band, hacking electronics and travelling.

Dan headshot

Dan Baker


Dan is an engineer, designer and marketeer that has been creating online since blinking text was cool. With a keen interest in the latest home automation, he can often be found working in the dark (when it doesn't work)!

Kai headshot

Kai Davenport


Kai has worked on internet-based systems since 1998 and currently spends his time using Kubernetes, Docker and other container tools and programming in Node.js and Go.

Karolis headshot

Karolis Rusenas


Karolis is a full-stack engineer, mostly focusing on Go, React, Vue.js, Web extensions, Flutter, Kubernetes, Webhook Relay, Keel. Recent survey suggests that Karolis has too many side projects.

Kate headshot

Kate Hodesdon


Kate Hodesdon is Dotscience's machine learning product specialist. She has a background in biomedical data analysis as both an R&D engineer and product manager.

Luke headshot

Luke Marsden


Luke is the CEO and Founder at Dotmesh. He's been collaborating in the Docker and Kubernetes communities since the early days, with Docker volume plugins and the first container persistence implementation, Flocker.

Mark headshot

Mark Coleman


Mark is VP marketing at Dotscience and marketing chairperson at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Pete headshot

Pete Coles


Pete is a Homosapien, digital designer and a lover of hot, brown drinks. Prior to dotmesh, he was co-founder and creative director at design agency fffunction. Comes with optional beard and karate chop action.

Priya headshot

Priya Samuel


Priya is a software engineer at Dotmesh, she is a generalist programmer and enjoys working across the entire software stack. She is a keen traveller, a skilled craftsperson and enjoys reading a good book with a warm cup of ginger tea.

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