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Our team

  • Headshot for Luke Marsden

    Luke Marsden

    Founder & CEO, engineering, product & sales leader Twitter LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Itamar Turner-Trauring

    Itamar Turner-Trauring

    Software engineer LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Alaric Snell–Pym

    Alaric Snell–Pym

    Backend engineer, distributed systems tamer; storage & databases Twitter LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Kai Davenport

    Kai Davenport

    Full stack engineer, developer advocate, DevOps engineer
  • Headshot for Chris Sterry

    Chris Sterry

    Vice president of US operations LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Priya Samuel

    Priya Samuel

    Backend engineer, DevOps engineer, strategy & product
  • Headshot for Pete Coles

    Pete Coles

    UX lead, Designer & Frontend engineer Twitter LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Karolis Rusenas

    Karolis Rusenas

    Backend engineer, entrepreneur, DevOps; storage & distributed systems Twitter LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Dan Baker

    Dan Baker

    Frontend engineer & marketing automation Twitter
  • Headshot for Nick Ball

    Nick Ball

    Principle data scientist LinkedIn
  • Headshot for James Donnelly

    James Donnelly

    Frontend engineer LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Kate Hodesdon

    Kate Hodesdon

    Advisor Twitter LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    Product solutions, former machine learning entrepreneur LinkedIn
  • Headshot for Demetrios Brinkmann

    Demetrios Brinkmann

    Advocate LinkedIn