Dotscience. Solutions for machine learning model management.

For data science teams

Build more reliable models, full version control, collaboration, and on-demand access to compute.

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For banking organizations

Safely deploy data science into risky or regulated environments, with audit-trails for every model.

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What is Dotscience?

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Why Dotscience?

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    Tools you know and love

    You already know how to get the job done. Keep your existing libraries and IDEs. Dotscience integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, and the open source data science ecosystem.
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    Go fast, stay safe

    Develop, optimize and ship models efficiently. All work is versioned and experiments are reproducible. GitHub-like workflows allow scalable collaboration, and easy course-correction.
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    Enterprise ready

    Fully supported features. Designed with Compliance in mind, to ease the adoption of machine learning in highly-regulated environments.