Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Data Through Trusted AI.

The Critical Nature of AI in Today’s Economy

After encouraging initial wins many AI initiatives find it hard to provide actual business value.

Much of what software engineering teams take for granted is difficult to achieve due to the unique challenges that machine learning brings.

Our solutions

The World Before Dotscience is Chaotic

Diagram showing chaos between production and development

Getting AI off the ground is hard

How can I track back from decisions in production to the data that trained the model? How can I demonstrate my model development process? How can I safely collaborate with my team mates and across the organization? Traditional DevOps tooling falls short.

We can help

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Why Dotscience?

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    Tools you know and love

    You already know how to get the job done. Keep your existing libraries and IDEs. Dotscience integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, and the open source data science ecosystem.
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    Go fast, stay safe

    Develop, optimize and ship models efficiently. All work is versioned and experiments are reproducible. GitHub-like workflows allow scalable collaboration, and easy course-correction.
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    Enterprise ready

    Fully supported features. Designed with Compliance in mind, to ease the adoption of machine learning in highly-regulated environments.