Collaboration and auditability
for data-driven organizations.

Dotscience gives you collaboration at data science scale. Boost productivity through Github style workflows, visibility and auditability.


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Bring order to every phase of the data science lifecycle through automated tracking and version control. No more wasted time logging your work, searching for lost ideas or trying to reproduce the work of others.


Every run is tracked, giving you 100% context and provenance for each change made. A permanent record of your work means stress-free auditing and risk management.


Collaborate with your team from a single point of truth and instantly compare the results of multiple team members. Bring your own tooling, libraries and infrastucture.

Productivity, explainability
and auditability go
hand in hand .

Version control is the core element that enables cutting edge software engineering to be both fast and safe. Dotscience brings the same potential to data science.

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Use the tools and
infrastructure that
you know and .

You already know how to get the job done. Keep your existing tools, libraries and infrastructure. Dotscience integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.

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